REC Sailing hours for the Summer are Monday nights from 5-8pm and Saturday or Sundays from 2-5pm. Check below on the Stanford REC Twitter feed to see updates.  All REC sailing dates and times are subject to change due to weather.

REC Sailing is 20.00 per boat. Check in with the manager that day for your checkout ride and REC card.

New!!  "Resort Style" classes offered this Spring.  For the first time Stanford Sailing is offering an open to the community Adult classes.  These new classes will be held on two weekends throughout the Fall.

Weekend #1 June 5,6,7
Weekend #2 June 26,27,28 

Weekend #3 July 10, 11, 12
Weekend #4 August 28, 29, 30

The times for the classes are Fri: 4:30-8pm, Sat:1-5pm, and Sun11-3:30pm.

Summer Adult Class is also available for a certification based class for Beginner/Intermediate sailors as well as a NEW separate class for more advanced Performance Sailors.  The full certification class for all levels are the 4 tuesdays in July and the Weekend in August.  Sign up today and have fun on the water!

Go to our Classes Page for more information.

Tuesday Evenings July 7,14,21,28- 4:30-8pm

Weekend class August 7,8,9- The times for the classes are Fri: 4:30-8pm, Sat:1-5pm, and Sun11-3:30pm.

Stanford Sailing


All Safe Powerboat Handling classes are for US Power boating Certification as well as NASBLA and the State of CA certifications.

2015 Course Offerings

(All Classes Ages 10 and up)

Safe Powerboat Handling- US Powerboat Certification as well as NASBLA and CA State certifications. These courses not only fulfill the safe powerboat handling requirement for the State but also teach you useful knowledge in handling any type of powerboat.  These classes will give you the skills you need to be safe on the water and take care of your boat.  All classes have the mandated hours in the classroom for certification and have plenty of on the water practical experience time as well.

Prerequisite: None


Class 1 (Ages 15+) August 7 (5-8pm), August 8 (9am-5pm), August 9 (9am-5pm)

$300.00/ Student- Max of 6 students per class

Class 2 (Ages 15+) August 21 (5-8pm), August 22 (9am-5pm), August 23 (9am-5pm) 

$300.00/ Student- Max of 6 students per class

Safety & Rescue Boathandling with Mark-Set Boathandling- This class is meant to expand your abilities on the water to help with Safety and rescue situations on the water as well as the knowledge you need to be a useful member of any Race Committee mark-set or safety boat.

Prerequisite: Safe Powerboat Handling


Check out our camps for the upcoming summer season.  Stanford sailing offers a a class for everyone from adult sailing to kids camps we have it all.  We have also added a new science and sailing camp for kids which is sure to be a hit!

2015 Summer classes now posted! GO

2015 Summer Camp Registration Opens Feb.1 2015